This Site is Now "On Hold"

I first started the Soverign State Project because of the Murder of LaVoy Finnicum and what I see as the malignancy of the Cancer Eating America.  It is Detecated to Robert LaVoy Finnicum.

Most of my life I have felt that America is on a Path of Destruction, and if only we all tried, there was a chance to save Her.  I see now that this Hope is a False Hope, and that any attempt to save Her, would be futile.

There are far too many Opinions and Agendas to ever get our Representative Republic "Back on Track", we have drifted too far off course, and have become blinded by all the confusion to ever correct course.  Our Political System is no longer running as prescribed, and the Electorate is no longer educated in the proper manner to even understand it.

The Country I Love is in need of a complete Overhaul, like a classic Car, a Tune-up is no longer enough.  They, the Enemies of Freedom, took a Muscle Car that was once a rear beauty, and turned in into a pile of junk.  We are left with far too many Experts, with Bad Ideas about how it should look once repared, and no idea of what it ever was.

If we could find a way to Drag the Nae sayers, kicking and screaming to a better, more Free way of life, there just may be a Hope in Hell, but that time has passed, and is now illegal.  

You May Call Me A Quitter, and that's fine, I just cannot see a way forward to restoration,  I don't want things to be just OK, or Better Than, I Want My Fucking Country Back! sorry if that offends you.

So, Call me a REALIST, I want my Parents Back also, but that too will never happen.  This is the Reality of what has Happened to America, ​so if we are unwilling to make the real changes required, stop talking and start doing, then there is no Hope.  We can talk about the weather, but it will still rain on you, some things are just, inevitable.  

Take 300 million people with 300 million thoughts, ideas and agendas, and you will get an outcome, call it demographics, sociographic, call it whatever you want, the outcome will be predictable.  The Founding Father warned of this inevitability, by telling us to be Ever Vigilant.   Unfortunately we were not even born when our Parents and Grandparent dropped the Ball, and stopped being vigilant.  

So yes, call me a realist, but I know for a fact that you cannot unscramble a scrambled egg.  Any person that thinks or tells you that he or she can, is a fool, or they are lying to you, either way, I will not try anymore.  I will however continue to study the Constitution, work with anyone that wishes to build a better Union, and support my local politicians in my area willing to put their necks on the line for a Constitutional Republic.

We will never win the Media Battle until we first figure out what it is that we desire, to me that is what the Founding Fathers created, in all of it's simplicity.  

How "We the People" will gain that elusive Dream will be by embarking on a New Journey of Discovery, and casting away all that we once believed to be fact.

So, I will continue to be a faithful servant to the cause, willing to go into the fight​, embracing the suck, and work for  BETTER America.  But, until someone comes up with a plan, a real plan that restores Liberty, and Freedom, I'll be Sharpining my Swords.  

The Facwbook Page will remain active and open to any and all comments​ at: SovereignStateProject

I will upload this site's Podcasts to my Prepper Guy podcast page